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Barbed Wire for Sale

We are DingZhou LiangYou Metal Products Co.,Ltd., we have a huge advantage, cheap price, quality service and strength of the factory, need our products?we produce Galvanized Barbed Wire and Razor Wire Concertina Coil.Their specific details are as follows:

Razor Wire Concertina Coil

medium-carbon steel wire, rolling galvanized sheet.
It is divided into linear, crossover, linear coiling,cross coiling and cross.

Manufacture process: frist press by perforated machiney, second wrap by machiney
Razor barbed type: long blade CBT-60 or CBT-65 short blade BTO-10 ,BTO-12,BTO-18,BTO-22,BTO-28,BTO-30

Galvanized Barbed Wire:

Concertina Razor wire is used to top security fences. An individual attempting to get into or out of a secured area will have difficulties in getting through without adequate tools. On the other hand, barbed wire is usually used to restrain cattle and as inexpensive fencing.

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